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How often did you see success stories of the business? How many books did you read about such success stories? I guess a lot.

And do you know, how many mistakes people made on the path to success? And what do you know about the people who started but couldn't cross the finish line?

I don’t promise great discoveries for you in this newsletter, but I suggest subscribing and having a look at the path of the one software developer (me) who decided one morning to become an indie creator.

I am aware that there is a difficult path ahead, full of failures and disappointments, but I believe that my goal will be achieved. And I propose to walk this path with me, where I am going to share my activities, tools, ideas, thoughts, and of course show results.

Who is Ivan?

Well, he is a kind person. But let's get acquainted!

Hello 👋! My name is Ivan.

I am married, and I have two children, an older son, and a younger daughter. I like cycling, walking, cooking, reading, and endlessly finding ways to become more productive (said a professional procrastinator 😊).

Furthermore, I am a software engineer with about 18 years of experience in software development. I guess I can call myself a senior software developer. Also, I have about 5 years of experience in team management.

Now I am working in the position of Engineering Manager and leading a department of around 30 people in the company. At the same time, my dream is to become a financially independent solopreneur. I want to achieve it before my 40th anniversary.

I spent a lot of time contributing to Open Source projects, and I am going to continue to do it, but as well I want to jump into indie hacking and run some real businesses, based on the experience that I have.

Where to find me:

That’s all. See you around.

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Engineering Manager, Software Developer, Open Source Contributor, Father, Cyclist. Beginner Indie Creator and Solopreneur.